Photo Credit: Deltalow 2016

Dee Weingarden

I like to explore the connections of lines and the complexity of all the intersections of lines in my drawings. Each line has its own story to tell and each drawing has one or more things hidden within obscured by the primary drawing. My goal as an artist is that you will lean in closer for a better view.

I was about to turn 50 and I couldn't find my voice and was trying to process this age milestone so I began to draw and explore the elegance and simplicity of line drawing. I've had the pleasure to participate in Artist Salon and Speaking engagements to talk about following my artistic dream and what it means by dreaming a bigger dream than I could ever imagine with my art. 

My photographs came from taking the car through the car wash and I was struck by the images appearing on my windshield so I grabbed my phone and began to take some pictures. I've produced some amazing abstract images that seem to surprise people that they were taken in a car wash. It’s the simple brush soap and water when placed "under pressure" creating art on my windshield.    

I'm living the life of my dreams working as a hospice nurse, and expanding each day closer to my goals as a woman and an artist.  This is my now